Resin bonded driveways in Greater Manchester

Looking for resin bonded driveways in Greater Manchester then you need look no further, The Driveway Company are probably one of the best driveway companies I have had the pleasure to have come across, they are extremely knowlegable in all things drives, patios and landscaping.

The team they used on my drive was clean and tidy, very polite and as quite as they could be while digging up and relaying my old and new driveway.  The process is quite a simple one which begins with them uplifting the original driveway, my drive was and very weather beaten concrete type that had seen better days, it was cracked and very pitted in areas, the harsh winter weather in Lancashire does not help matters.  So this was dug up using a jackhammer and it looked extremely back breaking work but they managed to get it all up in 1 day, although it was a long day for them.

I must also mention at this stage they also do resin bonded driveways in Essex and resin bonded driveways in Lancashire, so the next stage is to put down the sub base which consists of hard core (broken rocks) and a compacted sand base, on top of this a tarmacadem top layer is then spread evenly to create a hard sub base.

All of what I have just described took another 2-3 days at which point the part which looks the business and in theory is what you pay for he resin bonded stone, this is basically coloured stone or gravel mixed with an epoxy resin which is then spread over the top of the tarmac at approx depth of 2 inches, this is then floated by had to make it smooth and level, while all this is going on the guys are tidying up as they go, they all kind of finish together.

I could not be happier with the work and wholly recommend them to anyone who sees this blog.